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Lee Foster
Foster Travel Publishing
1623 Martin Luther King
Berkeley, CA 94709
Email: [email protected]

Lee Foster's home website for Foster Travel Publishing, with 250 worldwide writing/photo coverages, plus books/ebooks, can be seen at:

This PhotoShelter website for Lee Foster, with the 7,000 images, is at:

For Editorial & Commercial Photo Buyers

Lee Foster has this 7,000-image travel photo coverage digitally ready for immediate Hi-Res download on more than 250 worldwide destinations.

The photos can be Searched here on this PhotoShelter site. They can also be downloaded Hi-Res here.

Lee has integrated this PhotoShelter site with slideshows on his home site at http://www.fostertravel.com. There you can see his writing, photos, and books/ebooks on the 250 worldwide destinations.

Lee hopes that this PhotoShelter site will be useful to his photo buyer clients. Buyers with whom Lee has an understanding on price can become his Trusted Photo Buyers, with unlimited Hi-Res download. Lee will see these downloads and will send in the appropriate invoice for use, after an email conversation with the Trusted Photo Buyer confirms that the photo is actually used.

Become a Trusted Photo Buyer by making contact with Lee, setting up an understanding on price. Then he will give you permission to download anything on your own timetable.

Lee's site also has an automated purchase mechanism for the photo buyer who chooses not to make contact. The operative automatic purchase price is 30% of the well-known fotoQuote suggested price.

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